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Day 3 - With Kevin and Chris on the Kennet - 28/02/17

Another great day out with good company. Following last weeks trips, it was another great day fishing the Kennet, courtesy of my river keeper friend Gary, with Chris Yates and Kevin Parr.

As the main river was full of stocked trout we all said we would fish the Lamb Stream, a carrier of the Kennet.  My friend Gary was kind enough to arrange for us to have the day fishing. I really enjoy the carrier, trotting down a small stream where you wouldn't imagine fish live.

It was an interesting day, with the weather starting off nicely before the temperature plummeted and hail set in. We all had a bag of roach and dace trotting plus the obligatory trout, some caught twice, but as the light fell, my sport improved and I managed a couple of better roach but the highlight of the day was the perch that Chris caught virtually last cast.

I must not forget to thank the tea maker, another highlight of the day sitting around sharing a cuppa talking all things fishy.