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In the River Culm - 22/09/16

 The day started very slowly with us both missing a solitary bite until I hooked a chub on a chunk of luncheon meat under a tree overhanging the river from the far bank. As you expect with chub, it bolted under the tree and managed to get the line well and truly snared in the undergrowth to such an extent I thought it would never be able to free itself, even though I use barbless hooks. This left me no alternative; I had to strip to my underpants and wade in to free the fish, good job it was only thigh deep.


After that slow start rolling a lump of Spam on a lead, I switched to trotting a few yards downtream and then, by trickling in maggots, managed to get the fish feeding catching a roach, dace, more chub and a plump wild brownie of around 1.5lbs

I really enjoy trotting and on such a warm sunny Autumn day - fantastic for the end of September - what could be finer.