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Grayling from the River Tamar - 27/10/16

Now the trout season has ended, and with the rivers low and clear, Graham and I decided to return to the Tamar at Netherbridge, just outside Launceston to try for grayling. 

Graham is a Passionate fly angler, and I love trotting so we decided to see which method worked best.  I set up trotting red maggots using a size 12 hook, Graham used a nymph with two droppers.

I was first in to a heavy fish that she the hook followed by a little one, but it seemed that every swim I dropped in, I would connect with a fish and landed just over half of them, I managed 7 grayling and a minnow, whereas Graham had seven grayling and a brown trout, so not much to choose.

One of the highlights was watching a kingfisher showing me how easy fishing is just a few yards below me. A pair of dippers also showed off their flying prowess as they worked along the river

It was good to find grayling so near to home as I believe that they are a greatly underrated fish and bring good sport in cold winters.

We will return once the leaves have finally fallen next month, hoping that this stretch remains clear. It is prone to colouring after rainfall making sight feeding problematic