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Bassing off Braunton again - 01/09/16

After hitting the shoals of bass off Braunton Burrows last time out, I treated myself to some new lures to try to tempt some bigger fish.

These were purchased on E bay from China, but they were just too light in the ripple caused by an onshore breeze and never went below the surface, so I switched to something more traditional, a white small "red gill" style of lure which fished about 6" below the surface.

Initially I caught some of the world's smallest bass as the tide ebbed, but as the tide turned I noticed a shoal of bass attacking smaller fish and this resulted in a hectic hour catching bass from 6-8 oz up to a pound as soon as the lure hit the surface, much better than earlier and then even had a large one swirl at one on the retrieve.

In all I had 35-40 bass all taken on barbless hooks and as I was wading waist deep, they were all returned barely being lifted from the water. However, I still need to learn how to catch the bigger ones, but a good day out.