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We have some bad news. sadly Sandy had a TIA (Minor Stroke) a few weeks ago and the medication coupled to her condition has resulted in a couple of panic attacks, the latter resulted in an ambulance being here for over two hours whilst she was stabilised.

I have managed to get her to take a break, but in the meantime, I have told her to take a break from the business, and our youngest son Ross, who many of you may have spoken too already, has stepped into the void.

This means things are carrying on as usual, but there will be a delay in the production of the Recollections series for Angling Heritage that Sandy is working on.

Anyway, on the plus side. she is improving and I managed to get her to a spa hotel in Canada as a base from where Hugh Miles and I went fishing. You can read all about this fabulous holiday (I caught all 5 species of Pacific Salmon as well as the usual sturgeon) and my other limited trips in the Diary section of the website.

We have added several batches of new books recently and am about to add another collection in the near future on rod making, so with Christmas approaching (sorry to mention this) and overseas books taking a time to export, now is the tie to sort out your presents for loved ones, or just ones for yourself for putting up with the family all year. We also have a limited number of "A Passion for Angling" DVD's in stock which is a great present for those long dark winter evenings. We also still have a vast stock of signed books which have their own listing on the webpage.

So buy early to avoid disappointent, and enjoy the festivities

Keith Armishaw