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Overdue Newsletter

Sorry for so long between newsletters as life has been full on.

I have been cutting and splitting logs after pruning the trees in the garden which has given me enough firewood for 2 years and I now have muscles like Popeye, although Sandy says I’m more like Bluto. We have also finally installed a proper drainage system in the drive which drains into the pond. Now it is drying and hardening, the surfacing will be finished later this year so you can visit without your car slowly sinking into the clay!!

I have written a series of articles for Angler’s Mail on the iconic anglers of the 20th century featuring Fred J Taylor MBE, Fred Buller MBE, Dick Walker, Hugh Falkus, BB and Prof Barrie Rickards. The series starts on May 16th so make sure you don’t miss it.

I have also written a brief piece on the books of Richard Walker for Classic Angling sometime in the future. Don’t forget you can see probably the most complete list of the works of those featured above on the River Reads site in the section marked “Bibliography”

Fishing hasn’t been forgotten either, having just got back from Florida after a weeks fishing with Sandy, eldest son Lee and Hugh Miles. You can read all about it in the “Diary” section. Sandy is writing a piece on “Two People One Rod” as I write this to give you detailed information on the travelling, learning from our experiences so if you want to do it yourself, all the information is there. This will give you the option of a do-it-yourself cheaper holiday, but still having the best fishing and things you can do with your family.  I hope this is of use but if you want further information and advice, please feel free to call us. Much of the information is also relevant to any overseas trip, so we hope it helps you on your voyage to wherever the fish take you.

I have also still been buying books so don’t forget to look at the website to see the fresh stock as the angling side continues to grow. I am currently loading a library I purchased which includes the majority of the books by John Gierach, including a signed one, plus many new titles on game fishing and fly tying. Between this I have also been adding photographs to all the existing stock which is a mammoth task but I think it will be an aid to purchasing going forward as you, the customer, can see exactly the book you are purchasing.

So don’t think that because I haven’t done a newsletter recently, we are having a lazy time, nothing could be further from the truth