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It’s been a while since we sent out a River Reads Newsletter and so much has happened.

I had pneumonia at the start of the year which set me back and I have managed to catch up on lost fishing time, but this has been hampered by the low water so sea fishing has come more to the fore.

I have regularly gone out from Clovelly, but have also added Ilfracombe and Looe as places to fish making up numbers on occasions and gradually becoming a regular. This has meant I have caught several new species in the UK including my first flounder on my first beach fishing trip.

As Sandy was unwell last year I have had to forego overseas trips this year except for a holiday break in Porto Santo off Madeira. We had a nice time and I managed to squeeze in a bit of fishing including grabbing a greater weaver fish and boy did it hurt. Some months later my finger still hasn’t got full movement!!

The computer system crashed and when I restored it I found that the ‘Signed Angling Books’ had failed but have managed to locate and correct the fault so now we have an extensive list of signed books ranging from Houghton , Fred Taylor, Chris Yates to Terry Hearn; something for everyone just in time for Xmas.

Angling Heritage has taken up some time developing the software and formalising a working relationship with one of the major Angling Clubs in the country to preserve and display their history which we are shortly to announce, so watch this space.

With kids coming back home for spells throughout the year and more building work progressing it has been full on.

I have kept the Facebook site more or less up to date but still have to catch up on the “Diary” page, my next job.

The rain has started to fall so I am really looking forward to getting back to my coarse fishing, I have really missed it this year.