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    Britain's Business EquippersKenrick & Jefferson LtdThis book is a brief review of the activities of Kendrick & Jefferson Ltd of West Bromwich in the fiftieth year of their service to the business houses in Great Britain and overseas
    Publisher: Kendrick & Jefferson
    Published: 1928
    Edition: First Edition

    Binding: Hardcover
    Book Condition: Very Good
    Price: £4.00 

    How to Write a Winning CVJones, Alan
    Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd
    Published: 1996
    Edition: 2nd Edition

    Binding: Soft cover
    Book Condition: Very Good
    Price: £0.50 

    The Bedside ExecutiveCharlton, James
    Publisher: Robert Hale
    Published: 1994, London

    Binding: Hardcover
    Book Condition: As New
    Jacket Condition: As New
    Price: £2.00